Foster Care

Foster Care

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WVCCC actively recruits individuals and families who are interested in becoming foster parents through a variety of activities including recruitment events, social media and provider fairs. Recruitment activities focus on the needs of the children. WVCCC is devoted to recruiting families in specific communities and populations that meet the children’s age, gender, sibling status and racial or ethnic background needs.

Orientation and Training:

WVCCC partners with Arizona Kids Consortium to host ongoing foster care orientations. Orientations are offered, in both English and Spanish, on an ongoing basis at a variety of locations across Maricopa County. Please visit AZ Kids Consortium for a current list of orientations.

Parenting for Safety and Permanency Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (PS-MAPP) training is offered after orientation to individuals and families interested in continuing through the foster care and adoption licensure process. PS-MAPP is a preparation and selection program for potential foster and adoptive parents. The trainings are supported through a mutual process, which emphasizes open communication, and trust between prospective foster care and adoption families, child welfare workers and WVCCC. To attend an informational session (Foster Care and Adoption 101) or learn more about training click here.

Home Study:

WVCCC staff complete a home study on prospective foster and adoptive individuals and families. Home studies are submitted to Office of Licensing and Regulation (OLR). Some of the elements of the Home Study consists of:

  • Interviews of all members of the household;
  • Determinability of physical, mental and emotional strengths related to caring for children;
  • To obtain references;
  • Verify financial stability;
  • Verify safe and secure living environment; and
  • Verify clean fingerprinting, criminal history and CPS records check.

Supervision and Support:

WVCCC staff supervises and monitors the foster home once a child has been placed with the licensed individual or family. For newly licensed homes, WVCCC staff will conduct weekly in-home visits for the first four weeks and monthly visits thereafter. WVCCC staff will also provide ongoing support through phone and email.

To questions regarding foster care, please contact Candace Schulte at 623.848.8863 or by email at